Private Cart Storage and Trail Fee

Private Golf Carts

Cart Storage is based on availablitiy. Two options: Private Storage ($550) or Pubic parking ($250).

Trail Fees are necessary for all private carts on the property. ($250/ yr or $20/day). 

Players who store their cart must also pay the trail fee for course access.

Public Spaces are available but limited. Available now: Rent Here.


-For each privately owned golf cart stored and in operation at TRGC, one person must be identified as the owner.
-Storage and Trail fee privileges are granted only for the benefit of the undersigned owner, owner’s spouse and dependents, living at home or attending school on a full time basis and having a valid driver’s license.
-Anyone else riding or operating the owner’s cart is required to pay regular club cart and green fees.
-Two Rivers Golf Club (TR Golf LLC), and/or its affiliates shall assume no responsibility to the owner or any other person involving or in any way related to the maintenance, use or operation by the owner or any other person of the private golf cart at TRGC. The owner and any such person shall use the private golf cart at their his or her own risk. The owner is responsible at all times for the safe operation of the cart on TRGC property, as well as any cart maintenance. Operators are required to follow all rules regarding golf carts: stay on paths near tees & greens, 90 degree rule, frost delays etc…
-The owner agrees to indemnify, defend and hold TR Golf LLC, officers, partners, employees, affiliates and agents of TR Golf and the owner harmless from and against all loss, cost, liability or expense arising out of the operation of the golf cart, including but not limited to and without limitation, deductibles, retained limits, any property or personal injury, causes of actions and any attorneys’ fees and expenses that may be incurred by TR Golf LLC.
-The owner agrees to reimburse TRGC for any and all damages the club may sustain by reason of operation, including without limitation, damage to other golf carts or personal private property and/or any personal injury suffered by any person.
-The owner agrees to maintain liability and property insurance coverage on the operation of the golf cart with policy limits at least equal to $100,000 personal injury liability per occurrence, and $50,000 property damage coverage per occurrence. The use of the golf cart is prohibited if the owner does not have insurance or if the insurance expires. The owner agrees to not permit the use or operation of the owner’s cart by any person or manner which would invalidate the insurance coverage.
– The owner agrees that all food and beverages, especially alcohol, consumed at TRGC facilities must be purchased from the club. Failure to comply with this rule creates liability for the club, and jeopardizes our insurance coverage and our liquor and beer licenses necessary to operate.
– All players with owned golf carts must obtain a starting time and before playing on the course and must start on the holes assigned by the golf shop staff. Starting play on any other hole on the course is strictly prohibited without permission to ensure that other players are not inconvenienced.
-Private carts may only be available to the owner during business hours.
-Private cart storage and trail fee privileges may be suspended or revoked for rules violations or delinquent payment. Initial fee is due prior to storage and subsequent fees are due by June 1 each year.

-Spaces are non-transferrable and are property of TR Golf LLC.


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