All leagues, including scrambles, will use a player’s USGA Course Handicap for league scoring. This will allow players and teams to compete on a fair basis. (See each league’s info and rules sheet for handicap rules.)

The primary change will be that the player will be responsible for providing a handicap instead of the club assigning one to each player.

All regular league players and subs are required to have and maintain a USGA handicap. The fee is $30 and will be collected in addition to your league fee.

Substitutes who play sparingly will have a handicap assigned to them prior to league play.

Each league player will have a ghin number allowing them access to the USGA handicapping service.

New players will need to purchase the service, obtain their number and record some scores to establish a handicap.

Each player will need to maintain their handicap by entering scores for rounds played outside of league or Two Rivers tournaments. This can be done thru our webite or the USGA ghin mobile score entry app.

Please click on the buttons below to learn more about the USGA Handicapping service and to see your ghin number and current course handicap.


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