The Lewis and Clark Cup is a annual interclub competition with Green Valley GC.

It has become the highlight of the season for those who qualify for the team.

It is a true example of golf's "spirit of the game" where players
demonstrate courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of
how competitive they may be. USGA definition

8 Players represent each team
Morning matches are team matches either 4-Ball or Foursome. 1 point per match
Afternoon matches are singles match play. 1 point per match
Most points wins the cup. Team who possesses the cup retains it in case of a tie.

A lunch and dinner are served. Each course hosts in alternating years.
2019 Eligibility, Qualifying and Point Criteria:

Club Professional and Club Champion serve as Captains.


Season Pass holders (dependents excluded)
Employees with Pass holder privileges

6 players automatically qualify:
1. Best Place in the Interstate Am by an eligible player. If there is a tie then the low final 9, then final holes in reverse order qualifies.
2. The Club Champion.
3. The remaining 4-5 spots are determined by points. If there is a tie for 6th then Club Championship low score qualifies.
3. The remaining 2 picks and all alternates are Captain Picks.

Points Criteria:
10 Point System (ties split) for each Event or Qualifying Round
Events: Interstate Am, Mighty Oak Match Play (Scratch Division), Club Championship and City Championship
Points are 1.5 in either the Club Championship or City Championship depending upon which course hosts that year.
Qualifying Round(s): Date(s) to be determined.