The Lewis and Clark Cup is a annual interclub competition with Green Valley GC.

It has become the highlight of the season for those who qualify for the team.

It is a true example of golf's "spirit of the game" where players
demonstrate courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of
how competitive they may be. USGA definition

1st Saturday of October - 36 holes
8 Players represent each team
Morning matches are team matches either 4-Ball or Foursome. 1 point per match
Afternoon matches are singles match play. 1 point per match
Most points wins the cup. Team who possesses the cup retains it in case of a tie.

A lunch and dinner are served. Each course hosts in alternating years.

2016 date is the 1st Sat in October at Green Valley Golf Club
Click here: 2016 POINTS Updated Aug 16, 2016.

Eligibility: Adult Pass holders or employees with pass privileges.     

Qualifying will be based upon points earned in 5 local tournaments:
Masters, Interstate, Rivercade, City and Two Rivers Club Championship.

A 10 points system will be used with ties split. 1st - 10 pts, 2nd - 9 pts etc...

Points will be awarded to players in a Championship flight prior to lower flights.

The top 7 places in points accumulated receive an automatic selection.

The Club Champion earns and automatic selection if not in the top 7.

The 8th selection is a Captain's Pick (Club Professional) and will be
performance based (subjective criteria).

Ties for final places will be settled by scores in the Club Championship.

Places 8, 9, 10 etc... will serve as successive alternates.